Cardio & bodyweight exercises classes to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping. These classes are HIIT (high intensity interval training) style, which means we do each move for a set amount of time with short rests between movements. With no props, use just your body weight to get a good sweat and endorphin boost!

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MAggie Roe doing a HIIT workout.


Guided meditations and breathwork that can be done from your couch, your mat or even your bed! The benefits of meditation can extend beyond the practice and into your daily life. You may notice stress reduction, increased creativity, lower resting heart rate and an improved night's sleep.

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Meditation instructor taking a deep breath.


Our pilates class. Don’t be fooled by low impact movements! These classes will burn the slow twitch muscle fibers and tone your entire body. We use ankle weights and mini bands in many classes, but you can use just your own body weight and still feel a challenge (promise!).

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Pilates instructor in crisscross pose.


A vinyasa-based movement practice intelligently sequenced around a theme or towards a peak posture. This class is sure to increase your heart rate with its challenging movements rooted in strength, flexibility, and balance. We recommend having a yoga block with you for these classes. (or a stack of books).

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Yoga teacher in chattarunga.


Strength Training! These classes will build muscle in your entire body and make daily tasks easier. We keep the exercises straightforward: lifting, pushing and pulling are the focus, using medium to heavy dumbbells. Regular weight training can increase bone strength and density, reduce risk of injury, and promote a better sense of wellbeing

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MAggie Roe doing a renegade row


A slow class to renew and relax. Get into your comfiest clothes, grab some blankets and pillows and meet us on the mat. These classes are sequences of restorative postures intended to down regulate your nervous system and calm your mind.

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Yoga Teacher in pigeon pose.